New 2019 Scindigra (120 mg of Sildenafil) a Cobra 120 alternative at a cheaper price

Scindigra (Sildenafil 120mg)

New October 2019

SCINDIGRA (120mg Sildenafil Citrate)

SCINDIGRA 120 comes in a pack of 10 pills. Same power with the Cobra 120mg but at a cheaper price now exclusive at Kamagra Now UK.
20% more power than Kamagra 100 gives that extra boost when you need it. 
SCINDIGRA 120 can be taken with a glass of water / fizzy drink or juice 20 minutes before sexual contact on an empty stomach
(consuming a meal with a high fat content will make Scindigra act slower)

Known to last: 6-10 hours
Time to Take Effect: 30 minutes
Flavour: Neutral

Manufactured in 2019 – Current batch Expiry 03/2022

Manufacturer of SCINDIGRA
Scindia Pharma – India

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