Sextreme jellies UK 120mg Sildenafil



Sextreme Power XL 2 IN 1 & Sextreme Oral Jelly 120mg Extra strength

Sextreme oral Jelly 120mg an even stronger alternative to kamagra oral jelly giving you an extra 20mg for those who need that extra kick,
Sextreme oral jelly is supplied in a week pack of 7 sachets that come in 7 great tasty flavours

: Orange
: Bannana
: Strawberry
: Pineapple
: Melon
: Apple
: Vanilla

Each 5mg Sachet sildenafil Citrate Equivilant to 120mg.
Sextreme is best taken 20-30 minutes before sexual activity with a large glass of water the effects will last from 4 to 6 hours but some may experience much longer effects.

To achieve greater effects its best to avoid fatty foods and alcohol as this could impair the effects of sextreme oral jelly.

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